Ecomaps and the client system

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Ecomaps are generally used in mezzo-level practice to identify and describe the nature of relationships and interactions that impact the client system.

Write a 3 page paper based on the Carla Washburn case study. please address the following:  Go to the following website    where the case study can be found (

And Review the ecomap associated with your case study. Please copy/save it and include it in your paper.  The paper must include  the following:

Assess: Identify the three most prominent linkages or connections that you see as relevant and most helpful to your client. Explain why these have been chosen in detail step by step.


Intervention: Discuss how these connections can be used to support the client in detail step by step.


Evaluation: Identify a method you would use to determine if the client believes that the presence of the connection is/could be useful in meeting their goals (identified in the micro intervention.) in detail step by step.


There is no termination/ending to be addressed in this instance. The sections of the paper MUST be in detail to receive full credit.

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