Nurses and Social Media use

Nurses and Social Media use

Let’s talk about social media, defined as online platforms and/or communication tools enabling people to interact with each other by sharing and/or consuming information. Along with email and cell phones, most of us are consumers of one or more of these communication tools as a means of social networking. Include the following:

  • Which social media platform(s) do you use in regards to nurses and social media use?
  • Does your personal use of any of these communications have relevance to your professional life? Why or why not?
  • Are there any ethical considerations in using social media as a professional nurse? Explain. What about platforms where both people from your work (i.e., coworkers and clients) and outside of your work have access to your communications?
  • Reference the ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements in your post and replies.


Which Social Media Platform Do You Use?

In regards to nurses and social media use, as a nurse, I use several social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as a nurse. I frequently use Twitter for communication with colleagues, while Instagram and Facebook are for catching up with friends. I also rely on social media platforms to post information on various illnesses to help people promote their overall health.

Does Your Personal Use of Any of These Communications Have Relevance to Your Professional Life? Why or Why Not?

The social media platforms serve both my personal and professional needs. Personal communication may include health promotion posts or advice to friends. Most of my social media friends know that I am a nurse. I, therefore, use the opportunity for them to ask me any relevant and health-related questions. I do not diagnose conditions but often make referrals. This is because there are no physical examinations or adequate data for me to make such decisions.

Are There Any Ethical Considerations in Using Social Media as a Professional Nurse?

There are ethical considerations to be factored in when interacting with others from a professional nursing capacity. The actions of a single nurse (whether personal or professional) significantly reflect the entire nursing profession. According to the American Nursing Association (2015), nurses should practice humility and show compassion when interacting with people seeking help. They should maintain professionalism when preserving the integrity of the profession. They should maintain privacy, be accountable, and advocate for the health of people.

What About Platforms Where Both People from Your Work (i.e., Coworkers and Clients) and Outside of Your Work Have Access to Your Communications?

Ethics also extends to platforms where others have access to personal communication. Green (2017) states that personal information about others should not be shared on such platforms. Privacy should be maintained to ensure that third parties do not access people’s personal information without their consent.


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Green, J. (2017). Nurses’ online behavior: lessons for the nursing profession. Contemporary nurse53(3), 355-367.



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