ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses

Scenario: Watch the movie trailer from “The Farewell.”


Scenario: Watch the movie trailer from “The Farewell.” Imagine you are the nurse of the elderly woman in the movie with a terminal diagnosis, surrounded by family who asks you not to share this diagnosis with her. Based on ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses.

  • What are your initial reactions to the trailer? Who do you personally side with? If you’ve seen the movie in its entirety, base your posts and replies on the trailer only.
  • As the nurse in this scenario, what are the ethical considerations? Be sure to include a discussion of life meaning, moral agency, and quality of life, among other concepts you determine to be relevant.
  • Which provision(s) of the ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements would you use to guide culturally-sensitive care?
  • What would your nursing care look like in this situation?
  • Support your position with scholarly resource(s) outside of those assigned for readings in this course.
  • Have you experienced a situation similar to this before?
  • Respond to others’ positions by constructively arguing while discussing the ethical issues outlined in the positions.

Luckily, you have to help you out!


Initial Reactions to the Trailer

The trailer triggers emotions of loss and empathy that relates to ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses. Anyone would support what the family is doing. The family chooses to enjoy the final days of their loved ones instead of making it a dull moment. Personally, I side with the girl who thinks that not telling is unfair. The girl feels that her grandmother should be fully aware of her condition and that she is dying (A24, 2019). The grandmother should know that she is dying and decide whether to be gloomy or enjoy her final days.

Ethical Considerations as a Nurse

Nurses should consider the ethical consideration of the meaning of life. Life should not end simply because a patient has a clinical illness. As a nurse, one should consider how the life of a patient would be when diagnosed. Nurses should also consider the moral agency that supports decision-making based on what is right or wrong. This means that they should act based on what is required and considered suitable. Nurses should also consider the quality of their patient’s life. The quality of life can be enhanced if the patient is taking steps to promote their health.

ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements to guide culturally-sensitive Care?

Provision 2of ANA’s code of Ethics requires nurse’s primary commitment to be directed to the patient. The patient could be an individual, family, group, community, or population (American Nurses Association). Therefore, a nurse should find a balance between the desires of the family and the responsibility to the patient.

What would my Nursing be Like?

My nursing would be honest and one that provides primary care to the patient. This is because nurses have a duty to the patient and not the family (Baysal, Sari, & Erdem, 2019). I would tell the grandmother about her illness and work with her family to make her wellbeing worthwhile.

Have you Experienced a Similar Situation like this Before?

I have never experienced such a situation. If I do, I will ensure that there is integrity in service provision. Patients need to know the truth.


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