Healthy Can Be Tasty Video

Healthy Can Be Tasty Video

Watch Healthy Can Be Tasty video


  • Describe your reaction to the video and whether the introduction made you want to continue watching. Describe the ideas you have for capturing the audience’s attention and keep them engaged.
  • Name a learning style that the video utilized well and one that you will apply to your presentation.
  • Describe how you will indicate to your audience that you used scientific evidence to build the content and whether you see any proof of that in the video

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Reaction to Healthy Can Be Tasty Video

The Healthy Can Be Tasty video is informative and likely to attract a large audience. The introduction gave me the urge to continue watching. It was hilarious and so entertaining as the hosts were full of energy. They break the traditional forms of advertisement that are monotonous and full of images and it introduces practical examples of how food can be healthy and tasty. The fact that the post is different from traditional methods makes it more interesting (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2012).

Ideas for Capturing the Audience’s Attention in Healthy Can Be Tasty video

One of the main ideas gathered from the video to capture the attention of the audience is to use a different form of advertisement that is new. The audience will be attracted and would want to know what the new advertisement is about and why it is different. The other idea is to use hilarious moments to make the audience more entertained. This will break any boredom and make things more interesting.

Learning Style Used in the Video and One that Will be Applied

The learning style used in the video is audio-visual. This makes it more interesting as students break away from traditional reading and writing. The presentation is a video where the hosts talk and have hilarious moments. My presentation will involve the same learning style to make it more engaging and interesting. The audio-visual learning style will also capture the imagination and spark an interest in the audience (Zhu et al., 2021).

How to Explain to the Audience About Building Content and Whether the Video has Proof of it

By mentioning and making references to studies done by health agencies and publications from researchers, I will demonstrate that the information is backed up by scientific evidence. The video does not provide adequate scientific evidence that backs up their content. As a result, the audience might doubt the validity of the information presented.


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