How are human rights universal?

Universal Human Rights

How are human rights universal? Please use references to the assigned readings to support your arguments.

International Human Rights Organizations

Are international organizations necessary to advance human rights?  Why or why not?

Assigned readings

-The Relative Universality of Human Rights

-United Nations. \”The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: The Foundation of Human Rights Law\”

-The International Human Rights System

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Universal human rights are granted to every individual as fundamental basic rights. States do not grant universal human rights. Instead, they are inherent to every individual regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, color, or language (“United Nations Human Rights,” n.d.). A perfect example is the right to life and other rights that make life worth living, like freedom, food, health, and education. The fundamental human rights are contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) adopted in 1948. The analysis of the UDHR reveals how human rights are universal and the role of international organizations in protecting human rights.

The Universal Nature of Human Rights

The UDHR is the first legal document to list all the fundamental human rights that are universally protected. The rights contained in the document are universal, meaning that any state or region does grant them. Individuals are required to enjoy fundamental human rights because they are humans (“United Nations Human Rights,” n.d.). Human rights are universal as they are granted to people regardless of who they are or their origin. Approximately 192 countries have signed the UDHR (“United Nations,” n.d.). The countries are therefore expected to grant fundamental human rights to every human being without exception. Human rights are therefore universal because all world countries protect them except three.

Are international organizations necessary to advance human rights?  Why or why not?

International organizations are necessary in advancing human rights as they do so in several ways. Some of the roles played by global organizations in the protection of universal human rights are the provision of information about universal human rights to national and international institutions, contributing to policy making in regards to human rights, and observing the implementation of policies aimed at protecting human rights (Özler, 2018). International organizations, therefore, ensure that different countries adhere to the UDHR.

In conclusion, universal human rights are universal as most countries around the world uphold and protect them. States that signed the UDHR should therefore strive to always protect universal human rights.


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