Ethical issues in Parenting topics


What ethical issues are associated with the following parenting topics: genetic testing, designer babies, cloning, prenatal screening, and older people having babies? select two topics to discuss and provide your viewpoints but remember to substantiate your views with supportive evidence. You may use the weekly resources or any properly cited external resource to support your response.


Ethical issues in Parenting topics

Ethics are a crucial aspect especial when associated with the parenting topics of genetic testing and older people having babies. Clinicians and patients may face ethical issues since these topics present ethical dilemmas.

Genetic testing

This is a medical test that enables the identification of changes in chromosomes, genes or proteins (Ross et al., 2013). It looks for changes to determine if a person has a genetic condition or identify their chances of developing or passing a genetic disorder. However, one major ethical issue is its genetic exceptionalism where genetic data is treated in a special manner than other medical data. Due to this, patients are likely to face discrimination based on the test results. In addition, these tests are likely to cause the issue of informed consent and protection of privacy due to the nature of results. This is because, while the patient consents, the tests can divulge information about other family members who may not be consensual. The idea of foretelling a person on the possibility of them developing a disease in future is likely to cause distress affecting family relations and reproductive decisions.

Older people having babies

Older parenthood presents ethical issues related to concerns about the parent’s safety from the risks presented and the concern about parent ability to serve in their role. While everyone has the right to a reproductive choice, older people are a greater health risks in carrying a pregnancy. According to Caplan and Patrizio (2010), pregnancy in women above the age of 50 puts them at a high risk of developing health complications like hypertension and diabetes since tissues are aging. Due to their age, it also presents a concerning issue about who will serve in parenting in the event of the older parents dying or becoming disabled.


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