In what ways do you think your parents influenced you?

In what ways do you think your parents influenced you? Were these influences more “nature” or “nurture?”


Ways I think parents influenced me

Behavioral outcomes have been proven to be a result of both nature and nurture (Tabery, 2014). In retrospect, my parents influenced my behavior through their genes, parenting style, and their actions as I learnt through observation.

Biologically, I inherited my parent’s genetic make-up; thus, I have varying hereditary factors acquired from them. This includes their physical characteristics and some personality traits. According to Kong et al. (2018), common genetic structures results to similar behaviors and characteristics.

Parenting styles has been proven to have a direct effect on a child’s behavior. Different parenting styles result to different behavioral outcomes in the children due to control, support and affection levels (Kuppens, & Ceulemans, 2019). Having had authoritative parents, I learnt to follow rules, respect authority, but still be assertive and morally reasonable. Authoritative parents have high demands but they support, show affection, discipline and reason with their children.

Children also learn through observation (Tabery, 2014). This is in accordance to the social learning theory which indicates that children learn through observation and then imitating (McLeod, 2016). I learnt and acquired new behavior by paying attention, remembering and then reproducing my parent’s actions.

Were these influences more “nature” or “nurture?”

While both nature and nurture played a major role in influencing me, I find nurture to have been more influential. This is because genetics only played a role in physical characteristics, abilities and traits. It was the baseline while nurturing developed these characteristics and enabled my talents to bloom. My behavior and social interactions have largely been learned through observation and parenting. Nurturing created an environment and experiences that influenced my view of the world, how I relate with others, and how I cope.


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