How business maintenance and growth can be achieved with IT

You have just been hired at a local community hospital. Your manager has just asked you to provide the following for the information technology department.

  • Describe three (3) examples in which business maintenance and growth can be achieved with information technology.
  • Describe three (3) ways businesses can be protected with the use of information technology.
  • Describe three (3) examples in which current businesses are accomplishing this protection with information technology.


Leveraging Information Technology for Business Maintenance, Growth, and Protection

            In the rapidly changing global business environment, organizations that aim to remain competitive invest heavily in information technology (IT). IT enables businesses to automate various processes, which significantly improves productivity. In addition, IT plays a critical role of protecting businesses against various forms of attacks targeting information, computers, and networks. Today’s dynamic business and technical environment drives the need to implement IT for business maintenance, growth, and protection.

Achieving Business Maintenance and Growth with Information Technology

            IT contributes to business maintenance and growth in a variety of ways. First, the use of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) to support business maintenance functions enables efficient and effective communication, and offers other benefits including easier access to historical data, and improved planning and scheduling (Karwowski et al., 2020). Using CMMS in an organization facilitates the implementation of total productive maintenance.

Second, IT can be leveraged to automate manual processes such as supply chain and inventory management, which in turn streamlines processes and reduces manual errors and the need for manpower (Sarkar, 2021). Additionally, automation reduces costs, improves quality, speeds up production lead times, improves efficiency, and provides consumer convenience. In the context of healthcare organizations, the use of Integrated Health Information technology improves healthcare outcomes by streamlining operations, and reducing medical errors and overall costs.

Third, IT enhances communication and collaboration by facilitating the establishment of efficient communication channels and collaboration platforms (Sarkar, 2021). The use of email, instant messaging, text messages, and video conferencing enhances communication and collaboration among employees, teams, stakeholders, and partners. This level of communication and collaboration enhances teamwork, knowledge sharing, and decision making, and contributes to business growth.

Lastly, IT contributes to business growth and maintenance in terms of market expansion through online presence (Turban et al., 2021). With today’s widespread use of the internet, organizations can utilize e-commerce websites, cloud technologies, and digital communication apps to facilitate communication and enable them reach wider markets. Online presence also enables businesses to gather customer data for analysis and decision making, targeted marketing, and a personalized consumer experience.

Ways in which Businesses can be Protected with the use of IT

Data security is one way in which IT can be leveraged to protect a company’s corporate information and customers’ confidential data against threats and data breaches (Turban et al., 2021). By implementing robust security measures such as firewalls, multifactor authentication, encryption techniques, and regular backups, IT enhances the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data when it is stored, processed, or in transit. These measures are intended to protect business systems against some of the vulnerabilities that exist in networks, applications, databases, and operating systems that hackers, malware, hacktivists, and organized criminals may use as entry points.

IT is also used to develop disaster recovery plans in conjunction with business continuity plans (Hirsh, 2022). This is accomplished through regular data backups in conjunction with effective data recovery strategies to restore applications, data, and hardware in time to meet business recovery needs. These strategies safeguard businesses against data loss in the event of natural calamities, system failures, or other unforeseen events by ensuring that there is always a duplicate copy of data and applications.

Network security is another area where businesses can be protected with the use of IT (Chakraborty, 2021). Network security is accomplished by preventing unauthorized or malicious users from accessing the network. Implementing secure network infrastructures, deploying intrusion detection and prevention systems, and regularly updating software help to protect networks against attacks, unauthorized access, and interception.

Examples of how Current Businesses are Achieving Protection using IT

Many companies are leveraging IT to implement robust data security measures to protect corporate information and customers’ confidential data. Such businesses utilize technologies such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption techniques to protect data (Turban et al., 2021). For instance, a company like Cloudflare is known for its development of a strong firewall, a fast CDN, TLS edge, DDoS protection, and DNS security for major companies.

For disaster recovery and business continuity planning, companies invest in IT infrastructure and solutions to back up their data and establish strategies for recovering critical applications and systems in the event of disruptive incidents (Hirsh, 2022). By having duplicate copies of data and efficient recovery processes, businesses can minimize downtime and quickly resume operations after a disruptive event. Delta Airlines is a perfect example of a company that quickly resumed operations by leveraging IT for disaster recovery, and business continuity planning.

Finally, most current businesses implement various network security measures to protect their networks and data from unauthorized access or network attacks. Such companies employ secure network infrastructures such as firewalls and virtual private networks to create barriers against external threats (Chakraborty, 2021). For instance, financial institutions implement strong data protection measures, including encryption and access controls, to protect information from unauthorized access.


            Information technology plays a major role in business growth, maintenance, and protection in a variety of ways and this trend will continue to grow into the future. More and more businesses will continue to invest in IT, given the numerous benefits associated with it. With the ever increasing use of the internet, the need to utilize IT to protect businesses against attacks will continue to grow. By embracing IT for business maintenance, growth, and protection, businesses can effectively navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape, mitigate risks, and position themselves for success in today’s digital world.



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